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Welcome to the Green Valley Charitable Hall (GVCH) Website. On this site we have information in regard to all non-profit charitable organizations for the betterment of Green Valley. Please browse the links above to become more informed in our community. Please remember, this is all volunteer involvement. If you have any questions or comments please email us at 

Big Hugs,
Terrie Anderson
GVCH President

Please visit GVCH Facebook Page.

As time goes on, this area will be updated on what new information has be added to the page. The following pages have been worked on:

Last updated: November 19, 2015
  • Breakfast With Santa is coming up on December 12th. Bring your kids and have a picture with Santa!
  • GVCH Event for Halloween 2015 has been loaded to page 8 in the GVCH Picture area.
  • Green Valley and our surrounding areas was hit by a major flash flood on October 15, 2015. We wish to document the event with pictures and videos. If you would like your videos and/or pictures to be posted on this site, please email: This project will be continually worked on. What you see now is not the finished product but a work in process. Thank you.
  • The agenda for the GVCH has been loaded on the Minutes and By-laws page.
  • Want to run for office, fill out the Board Nomination Form located on the Whats going on page. Good Luck! 

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